School Safety

School safety is, and always will be, an emotionally driven topic. Parents fear for their student’s safety at school from shootings, drug crime, and everything in between. Recently, school shootings have been brought to the forefront of this discussion. I myself, have a young child who will attend a Vermont school in the future. I understand the importance of keeping our next generation safe. I believe in a fact-based approach to this issue.

Shootings of all sorts happen in gun free zones. Criminals simply ignore the law. I would advocate placing specific personnel on campuses for security. This position would NOT be teachers. As a teacher myself, who would have carried, had I been allowed. I understand why arming our educators is a non-starter. If a teacher has prior military or law enforcement training, then perhaps an exception could be made. Teachers, law enforcement, and families need to know that making educational settings safe would be a high priority for me.
A dedicated program is needed to hire, train, and monitor specific personnel to serve solely as security in these vulnerable locations. Dedicated personnel would be more effective, as they would be specialized in the task at hand. We defend our money with armed guards, we defend our politicians with armed guards, we need to defend our future in a similarly aggressive manner. Evil will not cease to exist regardless of legislation and we must be prepared to meet the challenge with an equal or greater amount of force.

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