Opioid Epidemic

The trafficking and sale of opioids in Vermont will be routed out and eliminated. Those that support this illegal industry must be stopped. Every Vermonter has been burdened by this opioid epidemic.

This affliction does not solely affect the individual addicted to opioids; their friends, family, and community members are also affected. Members of my own family have suffered at the hands of this criminal industry. Those responsible will be held accountable. Vermont’s low crime rate is safe, only as long as the drug industry is dismantled.

Funding will be provided to support information based policing as well as the infrastructure that supports it. Local Police forces will be encouraged to use CrimeNtel and contribute to statewide enforcement. Big city crime has begun creeping into small-town Vermont and we must do everything in our power to stop it. It is far easier to prevent addiction with information based policing than to treat it.

Additionally, for those that have become addicted, we have a responsibility to treat them. The fault does not lie entirely with the manipulated Vermonter. The fault lies with the distributors that are victimizing Vermonters for profit. These individuals and criminal organizations prey on the low-income and vulnerable among us. Resources, policies, and procedures are all needed for rehabilitation to assist those affected by this criminal industry. We cannot bankroll the distributors by funding resistant addicts any longer.

Finally, there needs to be mandated job searches and urinalysis to ensure accountability for all recipients utilizing state assistance during recovery. This will ensure everyone has a fair and just opportunity of being reintegrated into society.

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