Gun Control

Vermont has been known as a state of freedom, free of restrictions on constitutional rights, for many years. Vermont is also known as a safe state, free from a high crime rate. There exists no reason to restrict the constitutional right of Vermonters as it would be a failure of Government to limit any constitutional right. The constitution protects the right of the individual to keep and bear arms. Many people choose to interpret for themselves what this means.

“Arms” as defined in 1791 included offensive weapons of war. Today, it is unlawful, without strict regulation, to own machine guns and other destructive devices. There are measures in place that limit all aspects of constitutional rights for public safety. For example, protected speech and hate speech. Rights shall not have to be justified by the individual. A citizen should never be asked “why” they need a right.

Vermont’s sportsman, hunters or otherwise, need not justify their ownership of a firearm platform or magazine capacity. The right to own firearms is given to them by birth. This right exists to ensure all of their other rights will never be stripped. This right also ensures their ability to defend their homes and businesses from evil individuals. However, not all owners of firearms are the law abiding sportsman

Those that wish to commit crimes, or need mental health assistance, need to be prevented from purchasing firearms. Restricting standard capacity magazines will not prevent criminals from committing a crime. Criminals do not follow laws. Laws and restrictions only serve to disarm law-abiding citizens. The gun control agenda serves to demonize law-abiding citizens and does nothing to prevent further crime.

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